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Laugh and Learn – Workshops with Heart & Humour!

Liz taps into the wisdom of Emotional Intelligence, Common Sense and Humour to move individuals, teams and organizations to happier, healthier performance.

She is available for Workshops, Individual & Executive Coaching, Workshop Facilitation

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Workplace Trainer

Your Choice of Program is customized:

  • One Hour
  • 1/2 day
  • Full Day
  • Multi day

Some of Liz’s area of specialty include:

  • Change Management
  • Developing Resilience
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Building

The sessions are CUSTOM TAILORED to the circumstances that your organization is facing. Liz will ‘mix it up’ to create the exact, results oriented program to meet your needs.

Full or Half Day Workshops

Dealing with Change/ Managing Change

  •  Understanding what exactly – emotionally – is happening to you
  •  Understanding the source of your feelings
  • How to prepare for the inevitable next change


  • Bouncing back from Organizational changes
  • The 3 predictable phases of Transition
  • Moving Forward: Staying on Track

Leadership Brilliance

  • Are leaders born or made? The Answer here..
  • Timeless Attributes of Leaders in 2015
  • Staying the course when challenges seem insurmountable

Listening Skills

  • The Underrated Superpower
  • 3 Steps to Becoming a Better Communicator
  • The #1 Secret of the Best Listeners

Managing Emotions

  • How to deal with challenging emotions
  • The fail proof strategy to calmly express yourself to ANYONE!
  • What to do when you think you’ll “lose it’

Building a Respectful Workplace

  • How HEALTHY workplaces operate
  • Recreating from within
  • Dealing with the real problem or person

Creating a Positive Work Environment

  • The 4 stages of Building a Team
  • Tackling all styles of Conflict
  • Staying motivated

Generational Difference Management

  • Generation X, Y and YOU
  • How to motivate, lead and understand ALL of your staff
  • What to watch for and support

Managing in an Emotional Workplace

  • What is Healthy emotion at work
  • Bullying – symptoms and solutions
  • Mental Health Issues in the workplace

Outstanding Customer Service

  • What do customers expect in 2015
  • Keeping cool under pressure
  • Is the customer always right?

Human to Human Disconnect

  • Technology is replacing real communication
  • Embracing Technology AND people
  • 6 Strategies for Reconnecting


  • Workshop designed to SOLVE that Organizational PROBLEM
  • Structured facilitation through the solution and analysis stages
  • Walk out with a PLAN

Plus 25 Years of Customized Workshop for

                     ALL TYPES of ORGANIZATIONS!

What are you looking for? I’m sure I have it or can build it for you.. FAST!

email or call Liz! or 647-229-0379