Emotional Intelligence & Workplace Performance Specialist:

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Executive Level/Leadership EQ Inventory

General Emotional Intelligence Inventory

Life Coach

Liz has spent the last three decades working with groups and individuals as a workplace performance specialist:

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence administrator in Canada and United States
  • Three decades of international leadership training and development
  • Speciality: Executive Level EQ assessments
  • Life and career coaching since 2012
  • A compassionate, strong, smart, believer in personal growth and development
  • Prone to occasional profanity and smartassery

Liz utilizes the most scientifically validated and workplace relevant EQ assessment tool in the world in order to provide you with the best EQ testing, training and coaching – every time!

Client Testimonials

“Great Job, Liz. Your individual and group training provided the support we needed to positively implement a critical change. You developed a communication strategy clearly, conscisely and with high EQ and empathy the entire time. Thank you."
Director - OPG
"I absolutely LOVED working with Liz. She was amazing! Her EQ material was 'real' and I was provided with tools that I could apply to both my day to day business and personal realtionships. She has great insight into both 'why' people do things but also 'how' to make things improve."
Kim Gibson
“Liz is a natural! Born to be in this role! I immediately felt at ease and that a safe space was provided where I could confide in her. Liz’s positivity is contagious. She made it very easy to have open and honest conversations"
Manager, Engineering

Emotional Intelligence Testing & Interpretation

Emotional intelligence is a powerful component of effective leadership and personal happiness and satisfaction. It is the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others, and among groups.

Life Coaching

A life coach helps you SET and ACHIEVE goals when you are ‘stuck’ in your life. Whether it is in business, health & well-being, career, relationship or life/work balance. Working with Liz can help you create that life.

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