Emotional Intelligence Testing & Interpretation

How we will work together..

Emotional intelligence is a powerful component of effective leadership and personal happiness and satisfaction.

It’s the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others, and among groups.

Liz is certified in Canada and the US to assist executives to gain an honest awareness of themselves and how their behaviour impacts others.

We’ll move beyond the basics of emotional intelligence to concentrate on using it to build trust, manage difficult discussions, build resilience, enhance team performance, and lead for long-term success.

What You Can Expect

Your personalized EQ profile will deeply explore what it takes to be an emotionally intelligent leader.

You will discover and develop critical emotional intelligence skills that are linked to effective performance processes and outcomes.

Through a confidential,  scientific and heartfelt study you will take your understanding of how to be a leader to the next level in a way that reflects your unique circumstances.

Client Testimonials

"Liz provided EQ coaching for me. It was very helpful and provided me with concrete actions not just ‘airy-fairy’ theory or a lot of statistics. She is very tuned into workplace and people issues. I could really see her years of experience in her insight and observations."
VP: Manufacturing
“Liz advised me honestly and fairly with my various HR issues. My EQ challenges made dealing with my own and staff emotions more understandable. She especially helped me deal with staff who have deeply ingrained resentment and hurt from years and years of neglect. Liz helped me see my true abilities and potential. Highly recommend.”
Martin K
CFO: Government
"My colleague had used Liz for EQ testing and recommended her highly. After completing the EQ inventory, Liz helped me understand why my career seemed to have hit a dead end. With her coaching and practical advice, I feel energized and have my career back on track.”
Director: Manufacturing

Emotional Intelligence Testing, Confidential Interpretation & Written Report

Executive Emotional Intelligence Profile

Premium EXECUTIVE Program
$ $1,850
00 (+HST) CDN
  • Completion of LEADERSHIP/EXECUTIVE Confidential Emotional Intelligence Inventory
  • Specific Emphasis on LEADERSHIP qualities
  • One on One Session to review EQ results
  • 20 page (minimum) colour report outlining results
  • One follow up session within 60 days of One on One

Emotional Intelligence

Basic Profile
$ 1,200
00 (+HST) CDN
  • Completion of GENERAL Confidential Emotional Intelligence Inventory
  • One on One Session to review EQ results
  • Summary report outlining EQ results

Emotional Intelligence Testing 

Your LOCATION can be accommodated

ALL meetings with Liz can be done virtually

Reports are digital and/or hard copy – YOUR choice

Copies of reports can be ordered for up to ONE year from Date of Completion

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Emotional Intelligence is a skill to be learned.

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