Life Coaching with Liz

  • Burned Out.
  • Bored.
  • Always Tired.
  • Irritable.
  • Lost interest in family, friends, career.

Is this you?

Then maybe it’s time to finally get the life you dream of.

Using a life coach to help you SET and ACHIEVE goals is how many people are tackling the times in their life when they are ‘stuck’.


Whether it is in business, health & well-being, career, relationship or life/work balance. Working with Liz can help you create that life.

Liz uses questioning and empathy to help her clients identify the goals they want to achieve, helps them recognize their ACTUAL current circumstance, and helps them consider all the options open to them. Choosing the plan and then taking the action come next, within a defined time line.

EVERYONE can achieve their goals – sometimes we all need a little help finding the way.

Liz is here to help!

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is there to be your sounding board, motivator or mentor. They are there to listen and give honest feedback and suggestions. A great coach will listen, reflect, and ask you questions, share perspectives and options to help YOU reach YOUR goals and objectives.

A Life Coach does not dwell in the past! They look to the future with the knowledge that you have the resources within you to realize your wildest dreams, even if you don’t know it….yet.

Life Coaches do not partake in counseling or psychotherapy but will help you resource those services if they are what you require.

Who uses a Life Coach?

The people who succeed the most with Liz’s coaching are two types:

  1. The client who has no idea what they want, they just know they want more.
  2. The client who knows what they want but they can’t seem to find the way to get it!

Liz helps people “unstuck” themselves!

Many people describe it as “getting out of a SLUMP!”

If you want somebody by your side to help, encourage, motivate and advise you..

If you want somebody that has only one motive – to see you become as successful as you want to be; then working with a Life Coach now could be the best decision you ever made!

The typical areas of challenge include:

  • Changing Careers / Jobs
  • Finding a healthy relationship
  • Improving their Physical Wellness
  • Increasing Personal Awareness & Growth

You are likely an intelligent, kind and thoughtful person who has somehow just lost your direction need a boost to get back on track!

Bottom line: You want to be HAPPY.

What is the difference between THERAPY and Coaching?

Coaching differs from Therapy in that the focus is more on the present and future rather than the past.  Coaching is focused on goals and behaviour patterns with little time spent on discussing the ”why”.

The Coach has a more equal and balanced relationship with the client than would a typical therapist.

(Any coach will recommend the use of a therapist if a situation appears to require that type of support.)

Why Liz?

Liz has made a career out of helping people!

She has travelled the world sharing her wisdom, and in a recent evaluation she was described as, “Part Guru and Part Standup Comic.” Her coaching sessions are REAL – as in really insightful, really motivating and really FUN!

Her foundations as a Social Worker / Life Skills Coach coupled with 22 years as corporate training spontaneously grew into private coaching in 1995. People would be inspired by her group work and immediately sign up for one on one coaching work.

Liz limits her coaching load to 3 people at a time.

Her time and talents are all yours!

Liz juggles life just like you but she has found the tools to have a full and successful life, no matter WHAT HAPPENS!

EVERY SINGLE life experience has TAUGHT Liz how to succeed. All of Liz’s challenges were springboards to a FANTASTIC life full of adventures and success! A life that SHE built; and she can help you build yours.

(In terms of training, for 30 years Liz has been building on the Certification she received as a Life Skills Coach through the Toronto YWCA. The credentials were just the beginning..)

What Previous Clients Have Said

"Liz, through instruction and role modeling has helped me through a downsizing that I never expected. I honestly believed that there was no hope for me. Through Liz’s coaching I have begun a life I never imagined!"
2020 - 2021
“My career was recognized and well compensated but in spite of all the perks I was bored and under challenged. When I approached Liz she asked me the first of many tough questions, ‘Jill, what is your purpose?’ I immediately signed up for her Legacy Pack coaching and slowly began transforming my life. I am no longer just living I am creating a Legacy that is my life. My children and husband are so proud of me, but most importantly, so am I.”
2021 - 2022
"I love the ESPRESSO package because it is just like the name! When I just need a little JOLT, I call Liz and she gets me going again (I told her to change the name to the Booster Cables package, still waiting!)"
Sue K.

 OK, Now What?

Liz offers a complimentary, no obligation, no pressure 20-minute “Check it out” Consultation to talk about your coaching goals and desires and your next-step plan.



Legacy Package

CLASSIC Coaching
$ 900
  • 6 Life Coaching Sessions
    (60 minute maximum)
  • Free Unlimited email contact for the duration of the sessions (Quick questions? Little reminders? Progress updates? elebration announcements!!)
  • Additional materials, handouts and/or assessments, based upon your situation and need
  • Sessions are valid for 24 months from date of booking

Lifestyle Package

CLASSIC Coaching
$ 720
  • 4 Life Coaching Sessions
    (45 minute maximum)
  • Free Unlimited email contact (Quick questions? Little reminders? Progress update? Celebration announcements!!)
  • Additional materials, handouts and/or assessments, based upon your situation and need
  • Sessions are valid for 12 months from date of booking

Clarity Package

$ 400
  • 2 Life Coaching Sessions
    (45 minute maximum)
  • Focus on 1 - 2 critical areas in your life
  • Typically the package of choice when people are transitioning through a difficult event
  • Up to 5 follow up emails within 30 days
  • Additional materials, handouts and/or assessments, based upon your situation and need

Espresso Package

One Time Coaching
$ 225
  • 1 - 50 minutes of private one on one coaching
  • Up to 2 follow up emails within 30 days
  • Ideal for highly motivated, focused individuals
  • Often extended Month to Month
  • Additional materials, handouts and/or assessments, based upon your situation and need

All packages include:

Liz calls you – ANY Location or time zone.

 Liz will contact you via ANY of the electronic web conferencing – Zoom, Messenger, Skype or Facetime.

Worst case scenario? Old school phone call.

Are you ready to get started?

Stop Wishing.

Start Today.