What people said..


“Great job Liz. This provided the support for the beginning of our team building in a framework for positively implementing change and the impact on our folks. Developing a communication strategy clearly, concisely and with empathy will be the first of the beginning program.”
Gordon W.

“Excellent – Liz was very good at reading the needs of the group and adapting the material to suit.”
Brian M.

“Liz was very engaging and provided relevant examples and useful tools to enable change. The use of projecting slides and writing on the flip chart help with the visual presentation.”
Connie L.

“Great tips and real-life examples”
Jocelynn B.

“I really enjoyed Liz and her teaching style. She was very engaging, positive and shared real-life experiences to support the change we are going through in our organization. She also shared specific tools that I will use with my team both in the change and in daily tasks.”
Courtney P.

“Liz provided excellent life examples to the leading change course. There were helpful in facilitating the session and allowed participants to understand the concepts discussed.”
Nicole O.

“Very good workshop. Relevant to what we are currently facing. Liz was an excellent instructor with meaningful examples. It was refreshing that this was a conversational course vs. highly technical. Liz did a great job in connecting this content to people and having an opportunity to do something very positive.” Chris

“Great Techniques – learning in a relevant atmosphere. A joy to attend . We can always learn better ways to move foreword.”
Rhonda – Ontario Aboriginal Housing Service

“Liz is energetic and enthusiastic facilitator. I loved her examples and stories and how they relate to real life.”
Sue – City of Kingston

“Love the continuous check-ins throughout the day – questions / comments / concerns. Good information for all people to have but should be taught in school to everyone.”
Melissa – Rural Frontenac Community Service

“good information, Interesting perspective, Excellent practical application”
Paul – Hospice Quinte

“Excellent – didn’t’ want the day to end”
Jamie – Elmwood Family Health Centre

“Excellent Seminar. Very Informative. Feeling more Positive.”
Vicky – Class 1 Inc.

“Excellent! Liz is authentic, knowledgeable, engaging and a great presenter. She is honest about her experiences and uses that to help us learn. EQ is vital to personal and professional lives.”
Nyree – Salvation Army

“I appreciate the way that Liz presented the material. I walk away with new insights ans several new tools to help me improve myself. I also now have new structures as I interact and and engage with others.”
David – Pastor – Salvation Army

“Inspirational and learned a lot about Emotional Intelligence. Can take away lots for myself and strategies to try to move forward with life and getting rid of some old baggage.”
Lisa – Program Manager – Stony Pint Day Care

“Excellent Workshop – should be completed by the remainder of my team to support effective teamwork and interson relationships”
Agnes – Public Health Nurse – City of Hamilton PHS

Skretting Comments: February 27, 28 – Giving and Receiving Feedback

“Liz did an awesome jon. Thank you.”
Jamie Bishop – Operator

“Liz did an excellent job! She kept me engaged both days. Really important/beneficial topics that should be talked about more often!”
Brian Hartford – technician

“Very refreshing and worthwhile course”
Todd Duplissea – Supervisor

“It was good. Was hoping for more hands on and acting out type of learning. But it was ok. Would like to do more.”
Jeremiah Kerr – Operator

“Good course for personal and professional life. Great Instructor. Thanks.”
Leo Paul – Production Supervisor

“Very useful, super easy to relate. Liz was awesome in relating with class. Awesome Job!”
Tarron Llster – Operator

April 15 – Home Hardware – St. Jacobs

“Liz is very effective, relevant, professional and adjusted her presentation style to the audience”
Mic – Transition Trainer

“I found the workshop useful for future progress with leading change”
Michael – Supervisor

“Very interesting. The day didn’t lag at all. Very personable, approachable leader.”
Winn – Shipping Manager

“Very organized and comfortable day of Learning. I found it extremely applicable for my position.”
Phil – Lead Hand

Phil – Lead Hand

“It was interesting and pertinent to what were experiencing. I liked how the info was delivered’”
Paul – Assistant Shift Foreman

“Good job at bringing the team together. Everyone was involved.”
Don – Warehouse Management

“Very In depth. Learned positive feedback to deal with people.”
Pete – Assistant Foreman

“Pleasantly engaging, with practical info.”
Steve – Receiving Manager

“Excellent way to help people reflect about their person willingness to accept the change and about their attitude. Thanks Liz!”
Diana – Change Management Lead

“Charismatic Leader. Very engaging”
Jeffrey – Change Mgmt Tech Writer

“Very knowledgeable and interesting”
Murray – Lead Hand

“Great job-sharing relevant information and encouraging participants to share their ideas and questions.”
Lisa – WMS Training Team

“Informative, motivating, educational, inspiring.”
Chris – Assistant Manager Distribution

“Good insightful advice.”
Dennis – Special Orders Coordinator

“Best Leadership / info program I have ever attended. Instructor was upbeat, positive, and extremely knowledgeable.”
Brian – Inventory Supervisor

“Very refreshing. Open and Honest”
Richard – Supervisor

“I came to this course expecting to be bored and antsy about being here. However, I got a lot out of it and enjoyed it.”
Larry – WMS Analyst

“Excellent program. Very well delivered.”
Dennis – Director, Fleet Services

“Great examples and content. Will put some of the skills learned here to work”
Peter – Lead Hand

“The workshop was great. The content was aligned with what I/we needed to know. Great work!”
Trevor – WMS Manager

2018 – A VERY Busy Year!!

“This workshop was amazing. Liz was amazing! I was not expecting to take away so many useful tools I can apply to my everyday personal and professional life. The life Liz has for her job I think is everyone’s dream. Well done and thank you very much!”

Gurpreet – TD Bank, Toronto

“Liz was captivating and informative. Her extensive knowledge of EQ and her ability to use relatable examples made the material easy to understand and absorb. I would love to attend any other seminar or workshop lead by her”

Catherine – West Jet Airlines, Calgary

“What an excellent workshop, far more than what I expected – content was excellent and very well delivered, Liz was thorough, gave great examples and she seems like one of the most authentic people.

Bruce – Enbridge Inc.

“Liz was amazing! EQ is new to me and I will be using these ideas in both my personal and professional life”

Angela – Calgary Roofing

“Liz is very compassionate, while being a straight talker. She is a great example of a strong woman with excellent EQ skills. Thank you!”

Guinevere – Get a Yardstick, Calgary

“Liz was an excellent facilitator. This day of EQ will change my life!”

Ken – Chestermere, Alberta

“What an informative workshop – Gave a lot of insights into techniques for dealing with conflict that I never considered. Awesome workshop!”

Ginny – Grand River Enterprises, Brantford

“A very informative conflict management course with an awesome instructor. Kept the entire class involved at all time over both days and that NEVER happens!”

Thomas – Grand River Enterprises, Brantford

“It was great having you to launch our Annual General Meeting. Over the weekend we often referred to your models for reference. Thank you so much!”

Sabrina – Co-Chair Mediation and Arbitration Board, Toronto

2017 (So many more available..)

“I totally enjoyed the ‘Resilience for Life’ training. I took away more than I ever thought I could. I will definitely apply this to my everyday living, both professionally and personally.”

“Liked the whole day!! Great team builder and good for the soul.”

“I thought Liz did very well establishing rapport with all of the different personalities in the room, and bringing us together for the activities. She made the learning fun. The workshop was fantastic!”

Job Zone – Cornwall, Ontario

“Through Liz’s executive coaching I have pushed myself to be a more confident leader, empowering my team, and being more goal focused / less firefighting.

I credit her for inspiring a personal and professional transformation in my life.”

L. Heghes

Director of Quality

“All these years and all these comments and I still don’t know what all people are talking about.

Liz, Funny? That is hilarious!”

Liz’s son

2016 (many more available.. just ask!)

“One of the best workshops I have attended. The day flew by. A lot of very helpful information and tools to use.

Liz was very knowledgeable and interesting in a way not seen very often in presenters (actually crossed my mind she should take this on the road – comedy clubs – funny and life changing) Thank you!”

Lianne Hovingh – RN Wikwemikong Health Center

“The content presented was a refresher for me but Liz presented in a way that made it seem fresh and new. Her bubbly personality and stories helped to bring everything home.”

Cheryl Sheppard RN – Wikwemikong Health Centre

“Absolutely Beneficial by learning how to have difficult conversations and the tips on Happy and Healthy Work / Life Balance”

Mary Jo Wabano – Director – Wikwemikong Health Centre

“I was engage throughout the entire day; the leader grabbed my attention with her presentation style. As well, she knows her topic and value of it and shares the information wholeheartedly.”

Judy Black – RN Program Manager – Children’s Services – Wikwemikong, Ontario

2015 Comments:  (Want more? Just ask!)

“Liz was AMAZING!! Very well organized and great examples. Made us feel at ease. Very easy to talk to!”

Mark – Fortis BC

“Where have you been all these years? I could have began the transformation of this business years ago with your help!
You are the key we were looking for to improve morale, performance and the overall positive work lives of our team. Thank you.”

Lorne – CEO and Founder

“Best workshop ever attended in MANY YEARS. Liz is an outstanding presenter”

Lilo – Manager, Community Services

“Excellent experience – I feel motivated about life and work!”

Suzana – Manager, Client Services

“I think this course enabled me to manage, lead and coach employees more effectively by providing them with useful tools and a positive attitude. I am the role model!”

Erika – Client Services Supervisor

2014 Comments:           (WAY more available, if you are inclined..)

 City of Waterloo

“It’s been an incredible eye opening experience! I hope to start with a new view in handling my emotions from now on. Thank you, Liz”

“Excellent Class. Excellent Content. Excellent Facilitation.”

Mercedes Benz

“Incredible trainer! I laughed all day and still think I learned more from her than any other trainer, ever! Bring her back!”

Hastings County Social Services

“Never attended such REAL training. Liz understands our work, our clients and has the most amazing positive attitue about life and work. She is an excellent trainer!”

Crosby Canada

“Excellent Seminar. Every engaging and applicable to life at work and at home. Liz is a very, very uplifting presenter.”

Career Edge

“You can feel how much Liz cares. Her social work background still shows! But she definitely should consider being a stand up comic. AMAZING workshop!”

Liz’s Son

“I don’t think that you’re that funny.”

2013 Testimonials

Ontario Provincial Police

“Liz, you listened to our objectives and built a workshop that was right on the mark. Your humour and insights into the human dynamic make all of the training you have provided for the OPP very powerful. Thank you”

Bank of Montreal

“Every session you do for us is consistent. You are informed, funny, engaging and so accomodating to our unique needs.

Finding a facilitator to share our training challenges has made achieving our objectives possible! Thank you, Liz”

Elizabeth Metcalf

Brookfield Office Properties

“Again, you tailored a workshop that was exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate your ability to move the conversation to the level of the group and to make your examples relevant to your audience.

Your use of real life examples and humour make your workshops enjoyable for all our staff. Thank you.”


International Fuller Woman Expo

“Liz McCallum from Big Beautiful Wellness – one word to describe your work and that is inspirational.”

Georgia Greenwood

Oakville Fundraiser

“On behalf of the organizing committee, we wish to thank you for contributing to the huge success of the afternoon.   You managed to engage over a 100 woman with your enthusiasm, intuitiveness and humour.

Just a few comments we received “ Their were some points that I got goose-bumps because it felt like she could read my mind and feelings” another mentioned  “ The fashion show was good but Liz made the afternoon – she was amazing”. You were able to silence the whole room- every woman there wanted to hear every word you had to say.

I would like to personally express my gratitude – I feel as if you were sent from heaven in our time of need.  I cannot thank your enough.  You willingness to take time out of your busy life, last minute, on a Sunday afternoon is so greatly appreciated.  When planning for this event we had only hoped we could secure a speaker of your professional caliber.  I thank you for sharing your insight and positive attitude with all the ladies who attended. “

Deborah Bartucci – Event Organizer

“I was looking forward to meeting you after reading your website. I was not prepared, however, for how affable you are. Within minutes of meeting you, I felt your warmth come shining through your personality. It was wonderful for me to see the way your friendliness shone through to the large audience. People felt at ease with you quickly and relaxed to hear what you had to say.

You were also able to gain the attention of 100 women to you, all listening to your every word. That is no small accomplishment!”

Kim Bayley – DHL

“Your presentation at the Ladies Garden Party was outstanding!  Your audience was absolutely captivated by your words of wisdom, including a wicked sense of humour and the ability to relate to all who attended.  I know, because I scanned the crowd as you were speaking!  You had them in the palm of your hand!”

Linda Rossi

“I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you for speaking to our group.

You may already know that you were speaking to a group that consisted of many women who have been long-time members of Toastmasters.  All of us agreed that your speech was excellent and would be considered first-rate.  Not only was it interesting, humorous and filled with meaningful messages, it was relevant to the audience.

 Thank you Liz for making my day special and lots of fun!”

 Marion West – Chubb Edwards

And Many Others… Just Ask!

2012 Testimonials

EB Games

“I love that EB games keeps hiring you Liz, nobody makes training as interesting as you!”

Brookfield Properties

“We used different trainers across Canada to roll out this corporate initiative. Nobody got the kind accolades that you did Liz! Fantastic Job on a tough topic”

Ultimate Girls Getaway (Keynote)

“Liz, I laughed and I cried and I thought you were talking right to me!  Your speech was so powerful and authentic. I have never heard a speaker with your “realness” before… Wonderful!”

Fed Ex – Transition Management for Managers

“I loved Liz’s facilitation – Skills, Experience and sense of Humour plus amazing content and presentation! Should make it a 2 day program.”

“Awesome course about a topic most don’t feel comfortable talking about – Liz was spot on.”

Mabin School – Change & Transition Workshop

“We found you on the internet and had never seen you work before. You undersell yourself, Liz is the best facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Her humour is dead on, her insights are profound and working together to bring this workshop together was so easy because Liz did all the work!”

“Challenging topic when emotions are involved; Liz was masterful in her management of the group.”

“Wow. Says it all.”

SHELL Canada – Managing Workplace Change

“Although a webinar format, I appreciated Liz’s candor and extensive knowledge on the topic of Change.”

“When can you come to us for a longer session??”

Bank Of Montreal – Respect and Diversity in the Workplace

“In spite of weather complications, scheduling complications and a technology glitch Liz made this course fun and interesting.”

“I will never forget this training. You made it real!”

“BMO should give this program to every employee in the Bank!”

Human Resources Professionals Association – HR in the Changing Workplace

“Through Liz’s smart, funny, inspiring and at times a little bit wicked presentation, attendees gained insight and elevation to move themselves through these dynamic times.”

“Liz challenged our existing attitudes and behaviours to improve the function of Human Resources in business”

2011 Testimonials

First Ontario Credit Union

“We have recently successfully concluded a contract with Liz McCallum to deliver “Building a Respectful Workplace” (anti-harassment, anti-bullying, and anti-violence) training to our entire workforce.
Liz expertly tailored the content of the course to suit the particular needs of our workforce. Liz brought knowledge and experience to each session, and challenged the participants with her quick wit and down-to-earth approach. The response of our employees to the sessions and to Liz’s facilitation was overwhelmingly positive.

Over the last sixteen months, we have very enjoyed working with Liz as we arranged the training for 300 plus employees. Liz’s sense of humour made the whole process a lot of fun, in spite of some challenges.
We can highly recommend Liz for your workplace training needs, if you’re looking for a knowledgeable, frank, honest facilitator with a great sense of humour.”

HRPA – Human Resources Professionals Association

“Having Liz as the opening speaker was an excellent way to start the day. The topic was real and she was AWESOME! Thank you Liz for giving me a wakeup call.”

Molson Coors Canada

“Tough topic, tough crowd, excellent workshop. Thanks, Liz!”

Doula Care: Canadian Association Registry and Education

“Your message, delivery, openness and care were incredible. We feel honoured that you took time to speak with us. Each life we touch will be enhanced all the more form the lessons you have shared”

North Bay General Hospital

“Liz McCallum was engaged to speak to our staff about coping with change. Her sessions were well received because of her candor, dynamism, enthusiasm and knowledge on this often challenging topic.”

Ontario College of Teachers

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss and reflect. Your combination of humour and energy certainly made the day go by quickly. Each of us has some valuable insights to take away with us.”